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RedShadow’s Quill is designed for writers of both fan fiction and originals who want to improve their crafting skills. Here I am constantly adding and updating tools, tips and examples that will help you along the way, as well as a few fun things that might just distract you too!

I have just created a member area. If you'd like to access the extra tools I've placed there, the suggested donation is $5 using the support button. Please contact me personally afterwards to receive the login details. Thanks.

You can use the writer’s tools on this site to help you craft steamy romances, or even just to pick out a few story details if you’re feeling stuck. Use them in any way you like—but if you put them elsewhere please include a link to RedShadow’s Quill somewhere on your page giving me credit for the code. Thanks!

I’m learning HTML5 as I go, and decided to craft an interactive fiction game, Dragons of the Deep, to practice. Feel free to see how that’s coming along.

Have fun, and please do let me know what topics or tools you want me to put up here. I’m game if you are.