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You are viewing the tame zone.

Mature content can only be viewed in the hot zone. If you wish to see the mature content, you will need to get access to the user name and password either by joining the list or clicking the access button. If you do so, you agree to view that content at your own risk.

Regardless of the heat level you choose to view, RedShadow's Quill is a site dedicated to helping writers craft romantic fiction. Admittedly, I spend more time and effort on steamy and erotic stuff, but I will be placing scaled down versions of the tools and other content in this area for the more sensitive viewers to enjoy.

I am hand-coding this website and learning as I go along, but I update it constantly as a result. At the moment newsletter emails will be sporadic until I get all my ducks in a row. It is my hope to eventually send newsletters about once or twice a month. Check back often to see what goodies I've put here, and thanks for stopping by.